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A Step by Step Guide to Investing in Marijuana Stocks

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- Learn how to start investing in Marijuana Stocks

- Learn how to choose a Brokerage Firm

- Learn how to find publically traded MJ Stocks

- Learn how to do "Due Diligence" aka Research

- Learn how to connect with other MJ investors

- Have the Perfect MJ Stock buying guide for newbies

- Access useful forms, links & more

- Digest a delicious blend of knowledge ! 

- The Perfect Potluck...Cannabis Style

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A Step by Step Guide to Set Up A PotVestment Group

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- Learn how to set up a PotVestment Group

- Learn how to establish the legal aspects

- Learn how to organize the group finances

- Downloadable forms for formation

- Worksheet forms for better organization

- Access useful links, FREE Magazine Subscriptions & more

- Digest a Second delicious blend of knowledge ! 

- Another Great Delight

                          PotVestment...Cannabis Style!

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American Marijuana Investing

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Legalize Medical Marijuana 

About Potluck Cannabis Style


The Marijuana/Cannabis industry has been estimated to reach over 20 Billion dollars by the year 2020.  That is just 3 short years from now.  

Many talk about the “Pot Millionaires” that will be made from this industry.  You see it on the news, on social media, in the newspapers and magazines.  The absolute truth is, we are indeed on the marijuana ground floor here in the USA!

There are approximately 230 cannabis related companies operating today.  Did you know that almost every marijuana company is available to trade on the stock market? Did you know that millions of people are already trading in these companies? Did you know that people are making hundreds of dollars or more per day trading these USA marijuana related stocks? Did you know that YOU can absolutely begin trading in these marijuana related companies as well?

So many talk about it, but no one ever shows you how!  The marijuana industry includes a pot luck of companies, some of which are: medical marijuana research companies, biotech’s, the actual growers, land acquisitions, infused CBD water sports drinks, the ancillary products and a great deal more!  A look inside this eBook will show you that the industry is indeed stronger than any puff, puff pass you’ve ever experienced!  Why? Because we are guiding you step by step on just how to get started and extract some real green from the green!

We have created, what we believe to be, the first true step by step guide to take you from: how to choose a brokerage firm to begin trading, how to find all of the Marijuana/Cannabis related companies that are available to trade in, how to do your due diligence(research), how to connect with other people who are actively trading in these companies and a whole lot more!  You can say we are serving up a scrumptious menu of potential stock choices to delight your palette.

This eBook provides you with the necessary steps to begin your journey in investing the cannabis craze!  Download this eBook and feast your eyes on this Potluck…Cannabis Style!






"From somebody whom doesn't know anything about  the stock market and cannabis, this book will point you in the right direction for the right information you need to know."   ~ Steven W. Tampa, FL


"I've wanted to invest in marijuana since it became legal in Colorado.  I just never knew how.  This book literally took me step by step and I now have 3 investments going.  I started with $350.00 and I an up to $598.00 in just over a month.  Slow and steady will get me there!" ~ Jennifer C. Longview, TX


"Very easy to read. Very easy to understand.  A lot of great information. Well organized!" ~ Reggie C. Queens, NY


"A wealth of information and the forms you provided are EXCELLENT! Thank you." ~ Barbara W. Chicago, IL


"You have a winner. Simple and informative!" ~ Carol J. Houston, TX  


"Thank you for writing this book. There is SO MUCH information on the web you just don't know where to start. It was overwhelming and

discouraging.  I bought your book on Friday February 9, 2017 and made my first trade this morning February 14, 2017 and I have already made $73.00!  I am not selling it my stock just yet, but I got your message - "Don't be greedy".  Overall, an excellent ebook layout, very helpful and interactive content.  I love your forms too.  Super easy step by step guide" ~ Stephen V. Addison, TX


"Your ebook title made me hungry at first. LoL.  Overall extremely helpful guide.  I'm glad that I made the purchase, will refer people." ~ Ashley C. Little Elm, TX


"This ebook is a winner!  Very well written, thank you!" ~ Beverly G Las Vegas, NV


"Puff, puff pass! You made learning so easy.  I am referring my friends to download this book and we are starting a local Potluck Investment Group.  This book was a great idea!  Thank you for putting it out. ~ Nicole J. Tampa, Fl













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